The Reginald Keith Guillory Scholarship is available to high school graduating seniors of the current school year,
who attend school in the Houston, Texas Metropolitan Area and will be attending a University, College, Trade
School or Institution of High Learning upon graduation.  Scholarship applicants will be selected without regard to
race, religion, gender, national origin, or financial status.

1.  The following items must be submitted for scholarship aid consideration:
a.  The Completed Scholarship Application Form
 (All items must be addressed - click on above Scholarship Application
          Form  to obtain a copy of the form);
b.  Signed Acceptance Letter from the Institution the Applicant will be attending;
c.  Signed Letter of Intent to Enroll; (P
roof of Enrollment receipt may be accepted and/or course schedule)
d.  Official High School Transcript;
e.  Two Letters of Recommendation on Official Letterhead;  i.e. Letters from Church Leaders, Clergy,
     Community Leaders, Current Teacher, Counselor, Senior Advisor, Work Supervisor
NOTE:  Reference letters from relatives are discouraged.)
f.  Typed  - written Essay of 250 words or more;
“Why I Should be Awarded the Reginald Keith Guillory Scholarship”
g. The Completed Publication Permission Form (Click on above Publication Permission Form to obtain a copy of the form).

2.  Scholarship Applications are accepted three (3) months prior to the date of high school graduation.

3.  The Applicant will be notified by letter of the scholarship award.

4.  Scholarship Award amounts will be based on funds available.  All scholarship monies will be mailed
to the recipient’s Institution of Enrollment.  The scholarship will be awarded in two (2) installments.
One (1) installment each semester of the school year the Scholarship is awarded.  If the Student is
awarded a one time maximum scholarship amount of $500 or $300, it will be awarded in full.

5. The applicant is responsible for submitting to the Board the Official Application Materials, to include
all of the items listed in No. 1 of the Scholarship Aid Guidelines.  Once
ALL criteria is met, the
Scholarship Aid Check will be issued to the Institution of Enrollment.

6. The Scholarship
MUST be used during the school year that it is awarded.

a.   Each Scholarship Recipient is responsible for notifying the RKG Scholarship Board
IMMEDIATELY of failure to enroll in the Institution for which the scholarship was awarded.
Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the Scholarship.

b.   If the Scholarship Recipient transfers to another Institution of Higher Learning during the
     scholarship period, the RKG Scholarship Board should be notified
Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the Scholarship.     

7.  Recipients will not automatically be eligible for additional RKG Scholarship aid if one has been
awarded previously, however, individual cases will be considered.

8.  Essays, photos, transcripts and application material will not be returned.
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